A creation from the heart, for everyone who has lost someone. Young, old, friend or family. A tool to cherish memories, to store valuable souvenirs. A personal box filled with various emotions. A story that doesn’t stop, but lives on. A dynamic commemorative corner, so that memories persist. Burning a candle to occasionally relieve sadness. A ready-made set, to relieve in times of mourning. An object that helps to give a place to the loss. A motor for processing intense sorrow. Memorialboxx is the extension of an end … until the day you see each other again.


It originated from a personal story, and is an ode to my deceased brother Olivier (1981-2001). The Memorialboxx set is my own exclusive design. The memorial corner that you create with it, is a worthy alternative to a visit to the cemetery.


Keeping memories alive and passing them on to the next generations, that is the mission of Memorialboxx. It is an innovative, creative and valuable concept for the funeral sector.


Making grief lighter. Helping people. Inspire. That is my goal.

View the story behind Memorialboxx here.


The concept is available in 3 formulas and different sizes & colors.


High-quality materials, high-quality finishes and a beautiful presentation. We don’t go for less because our loved ones deserve it. Because it is an object for life.


The box can serve as a sustainable and creative alternative to the traditional funeral wreath. Associations, colleagues and friends often give a floral wreath as a mourning gift. Give something that is permanent, and add a personal card yourself.


Do you keep different death cards in a (shoe) box? Then it’s time to switch to a valuable storage box. Then personalize it with the Memorialboxx logo.


Do you have personal items (photos, letters, accessories, etc.) from your deceased loved one, and do you want to store them safely and serenely? Do you need a nice and authentic memorial corner? Choose the complete set and immediately create an honorable setting that will help bear your loss.

About the driving force


Every house has its cross. Until 2001, that saying was not hanging above our front door. However, fate then decided otherwise. My brother died in a car accident at 100m from our home. However, I am very grateful that I still have both parents today because I realize that it is even more difficult for them to carry this lost.


I have a warm family, where there is still space for Olivier. Talking about him and keeping the memories alive is a life mission in itself.


I am 35 years old, I have a bachelor in social and cultural work. Grown up in a family of entrepreneurs and blessed with a creative mind. It is my ambition to make Memorialboxx the standard in commemorative boxes. Meanwhile married for more than 6 years with my dear wife Mina, and dad of 2 huge treasures Jasmine & Elias.

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